Call for Papers

Nakum is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary academic journal currently seeking articles in the social sciences and humanities. The editorial board invites submissions of scholarly, pedagogical, and theoretical manuscripts that promote the journal’s mission to enrich and develop scholarly conversation among Mexican, Mexican American, and Native communities across borders. In addition, we invite submissions of book/music/archive reviews, interviews, poetry, short fiction, and visual art. All submissions should follow Chicago Manual of Style author-date¬†guidelines as outlined in the 15th edition.

We are currently accepting submissions for our third issue. Please send manuscripts electronically in Microsoft Word document format to Lydia French at frenchlydia16 at gmail dot com. See below for specific submission guidelines.

Submissions include:

    1. An email from the contributor containing the following information:
      • Type of submission (essay, review, creative, interview)
      • The manuscript’s scholarly significance
      • The word count, including notes, works cited, captions, etc.
      • A statement confirming that the work has not been published elsewhere
      • A statement confirming that the author(s) is/are the sole owner(s) of the material
    2. A single attached MS Word document file (no .docx please) with the following components:
      • Cover page with title, date of submission, full name, affiliation, department, and mailing and email addresses for each author
      • Abstract (for essays)
      • Text
      • Endnotes
      • Works Cited (for essays)

The file should be labeled with the type of submission (essay, review, etc.), the author’s last name, and the month and year of submission. For example, a review submitted by Mario Garza in February 2011 would be named like this: review.garza0211.

  1. (Optional) Audio and/or image files sent individually and labeled with identifying information:
    • Audio files should be submitted in mp3 or m4a format and labeled in accordance with the type of file submitted. For instance, an interview recording might be labeled: garza.interviewaudio
    • Image files should be sent in formats that provide the highest quality resolution with maximum compression. Nakum reserves the right to adjust the dimensions, file-type, resolution, and compression of image files. In addition to labeling images with identifying information, please also indicate in the body of the email, with which pages, paragraphs, and/or stanzas the images should be coupled.
    • Include in the body of the email relevant captions for any audio/visual files with appropriate identifying information.

Essays should not exceed 10,000 words, including notes, works cited, captions, tables, illustrations, etc.
The abstract should not exceed 250 words and should succinctly describe the intervention that the author makes into her/his field as well as the essay’s main argument.

Reviews should be between 500 and 750 words.
A good review summarizes the text, album, or event, identifying its strengths and weaknesses.
Reviews should include the following information in this order:
Review Title
Review Author’s Name
Book Title. Author’s Name. City, State: Press, year.
No. of pages.
Price in dollars

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