Nakum Press

Indigenous Cultures Institute recognizes that indigenous writers experience significant barriers when attempting to publish their work.  Nakum Press was established by the Institute’s board of directors as an initial publishing platform that can assist Native authors to launch their writing efforts.  An editorial committee accepts manuscripts on the topic of the indigenous identity of Hispanics and related materials including poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.


Nine Seasons, Beyond 2012This is the book that Carlos Aceves' fans have been waiting for. At last a codification of the wisdom that Aceves teaches during classroom lessons, community lectures, public workshops, and circles around the fire. As hosts who have brought Aceves to Central Texas audiences, we continually hear the aftermath of presentations long past: "When will he be back?" "I want to attend his workshop." "I should have brought a notepad to take notes." With "Nine Seasons" not only will Aceves' accessibility be expanded to those appreciative of indigenous wisdom, but established fans will have a tidy manual for quick refreshers on the road to a sacred and balanced life.
– Mario Garza, Ph.D, Board of Directors Chair


Nakum JournalWelcome, or as we say in our Coahuiltecan language, Kāmmam Manām. This translates into “enter well” or “enter in a good way.” We want to welcome you to Indigenous Cultures Institute’s first issue of our new publication, Nakum. In spite of, or maybe because of, extremely brutal colonization systems and processes our cultures, traditions, ceremonies, and languages have managed to survive. For hundreds of years, even though we have been acculturating to changes and advances in technological and material culture, we have been resisting and surviving as indigenous people. We published this journal not only to promote our mission, but to offer a public forum through which our people can speak with their own voices, from their own perspectives.

First-time Authors

This publishing program is for first-time authors who want to establish their first publication.  Please contact the Institute for an application form requesting the consideration of your book for publication.

Retail and Wholesale Purchases

To purchase a book, please order from Amazon.com (enter "nine seasons beyond 2012" or "nakum journal" for your search).

For wholesale purchases please contact us for prices and shipping charges. Our policy is no return or refunds on wholesale purchases.