Indigenous Cultures Institute sponsors the following programs and activities:

Nakum Press
Nakum Press publishes the works of indigenous writers who explore and express the Native culture and identity of people who are labeled Hispanic, Latino, and Mexican American.

Coahuiltecan Language
The Coahuiltecan language is considered extinct because less than 1,000 people now speak this language.  The Institute is dedicated to the study and revival of this language, through ceremonial songs and lessons that provide easy access to learning.

Library and Archives
The Institute is building a collection of books and publications that will be available for research projects that contribute to its mission.

NAKUM Online Journal
Nakum is the Coahuiltecan word for "I/we speak to you".   The Institute solicits academic articles, creative works, and reviews of writings on the indigenous identity of Hispanics, and publishes these in Nakum, an online, peer-reviewed journal.

Performances and Events
The Performances Program refers Native American performances for celebrations, educational events and other functions. This program also provides performance opportunities for Native American artists including traditional dancers and singers, storytellers, poets, and other indigenous-based arts.  Each performer or group has their own fee and travel requirements.  The Institute also sponsors a Sacred Springs Powwow and other events that celebrate Native American culture.

Sacred Sites Programs
The Institute is dedicated to maintaining the people's covenant with sacred sites. This work supports projects related to local and other sacred sites.

Speakers and Lectures
The Institute has a roster of Native American speakers who are available to make presentations or present lectures about Native issues, history, and other educational information.  Each speaker has his or her own fee and travel requirements.

Sacred Springs Powwow
The Sacred Springs Powwow is a signature event for the City of San Marcos.

Youth Programs
The Institute works with the local school district to provide educational presentations and activities about the indigenous identity of Hispanics, and Native American contributions to society. The Institute also provides youth programs in community settings for after school presentations, workshops, and classes.

Summer camp

Gabriel Gaytán

Powwow danzante