Indigenous Cultures Institute offers performances for celebrations, educational events and other functions. We collaborate with Native American artists and provide them with referrals from presenters who request their services. Our organization is also listed on the prestigious Texas Commission on the Arts Touring Roster. Support may be available to assist with our booking fees through the Arts Respond Performance Support grant application. For funding information visit Texas Commission on the Arts and for T.C.A. Quarterly Deadlines for applications visit HERE.

Please contact us to arrange one or more of the following performances.

Aztec Stories

Michael HeraldaMichael Heralda’s “Aztec Stories” presentations are highly interactive and engage audiences in an educational, fun-filled experience. Heralda inspires listeners to be proud of their heritage and at the same time motivates them to investigate and discover their own unique gifts that will allow them to reach their full potential. Using dozens of hand-made indigenous instruments to share, Heralda brings the beauty of the Mexica/Aztec culture to life and leaves audiences with a newfound respect for this ancient and influential culture. Contact: Michael Heralda at (323) 633-9599, PO Box 50221, Los Angeles, CA 90050, website: www.AztecStories.com

Eagle Dance, Singing, Drumming and Educational Performance

Mark Standing Eagle BaezMark Standing Eagle Baez offers performances, which include the Eagle Dance. Baez uses a hand drum to accompany himself in traditional singing and he provides informative facts about his regalia, the heartbeat of the drum and many other Native American customs and traditions. These performances are inspirational, educational, and fun for both adult and children audiences.
Contact: Mark Standing Eagle Baez at (210) 410-6123, PO Box 1548, Ft. Defiance, AZ 86504

Native American Flute Playing and Storytelling

Dr. Mario GarzaDr. Mario Garza plays the flute and performs storytelling for adult and children audiences. For school children Dr. Garza presents a program on Native American culture, traditions, and ways of life, both historical and contemporary. His performance includes a combination of storytelling, flute playing and learning activities. The objectives of these presentations are to teach basic facts about Native Americans, dispel commonly held stereotypes, and enhance self-esteem and creativity.

Aztec Dance, Pre-Columbian Music

CuicaniCuicani In Xochitl are members of a family-oriented tradition, which utilizes motion as a medium to develop spiritual self-awareness. The Xitontequisa, or Aztec dancing as it is commonly known is a native tradition of ancient Mexico that survives today in spite of cultural and spiritual biases. Its survival in modern times is a testimony of its immense spiritual and cultural value.

Native American Music

Aaron PyleAaron Pyle, Choctaw, and his music ensemble Hakloka, play original compositions that are based on traditional Native music, which is enhanced by modern and jazz influences — an extraordinary, beautiful, unique style. Pyle also performs solo on the Native American flute.

Grupo Pakal Mayan Performing Arts

Grupo Pakal Mayan Performing ArtsGrupo Pakal Mayan Performing Arts proudly celebrates Mayan culture through sacred ceremonies and ancient rituals that integrate festive dance and traditional native music (by kome okiomah). Live performances exhibit stunning wardrobe and elaborately feathered headdresses, all individually handcrafted works of art.

Native American Storytelling

Emma OrtegaEmma Ortega is an Apache, Coahuiltecan storyteller who has been performing for the past thirty years. She is also a visual artist who paints and produces corn husk sculptures, and is a constant participant in powwows statewide. The objectives of her presentations are to teach basic facts about Native Americans, dispel commonly held stereotypes, and enhance self-esteem and creativity.

Native Poetry

Ramon Juan VasquezRamon Juan Vasquez performs his original writings that span a range of topics beginning with intensive love poems that uncover the tender heart of an indigenous warrior, to epic stories told from the perspective of traditional characters like the jaguar and the hummingbird. A new style of writing never before heard from a Native voice that speaks for everyone.

Indigenous Music, Educational Program, Storytelling, and Interactive Displays

Tejas WindsTejas Winds entertains and educates their audiences with both original and traditional music, as well as traditional storytelling, displays and demonstrations. Chief and Julie Lani perform Native American flute playing, vocals and drumming for a fully-rounded performance. Tejas Winds offers a wonderful experience for children and adult audiences.

Mitotiliztli Yaoyollohtli

floresMitotiliztli Yaoyollohtli Aztec dance company is a family of danzantes plus relatives in the Dallas area who present full scale performances as well as workshops and school presentations. With authentic and stunning regalia, they dance with ceremonial dedication to this traditional art form, and deliver a stunning and energetic performance. Working with youth and children, the group engages these audiences by bringing them into the dance circle and helping them to learn danza steps. Professional and family friendly.

Dr. Mario Garza and Maria Rocha

It is important to learn who you are and
where you come from.

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I like most the type of work that is being
done with people in the community.

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Everything was excellent but the
storytelling was sumptuous.

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…that’s what a powwow is supposed to be like in my mind! Outdoors with your feet feeling mother earth as you hear and feel the heart beat of her through the drum!

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Your Powwow had something
…and that is a proper Spirit.

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Summer camp flute

(The lecturers do)…a wonderful job balancing Chicano/a history with contemporary realities in the service of celebrating indigenous identity.”

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I felt he spoke from his heart and from
the deep wisdom of his experience.

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Springs blessing

The dances and costumes were fabulous.

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Everything was excellent but the
storytelling was sumptuous.

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The Mayan ballgame was my
three-year-old's favorite.

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