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About Carlos Aceves

Personal Statement

I have been a public school teacher for over fifteen years, teaching kindergarten, first and second grade. The Xinachtli Project was my motivation for entering this field and quitting a good salaried position producing instructional television for the local community college.

In 1990 I attended a small gathering of Chicano educators in Arizona where the idea of a Xinachtli project was discussed. The plan was to develop curriculum grounded in Mesoamerican spiritual tradition which taught the complex systems of mathematics, philosophy, agriculture, and fine arts. All of us had been exploring these types of new teaching methods as cultural workers wanting to bring awareness to our community about our rich indigenous heritage.

Upon returning to El Paso, Texas I set about this task with help from some of my friends who were teachers in the public school system. What I discovered in Xinachtli were universal principles and a natural form of learning. In 1992 I became a public school teacher myself.

I believe that Xinachtli pedagogy is ready to be translated into accessible curriculum for teachers not only in the Mexican American community but all those who seek more progressive modes of teaching in their classrooms. Xinachtli builds on the human ability to form symbols and on mythic pedagogy to facilitate natural understanding of the world in which we live.

Xinachtli, much like chaos theory, views the time of the sprouting of a seed as the point in which the seed is neither seed nor plant but a moment of infinite possibilities. Andy Groove, former chairman of Intel Corporation, said on the Charlie Rose show that the future belongs to those who understand and apply the non-linear formation of structure to institutions. His words, more than any others, describe what occurs when we use Xinachtli in the classroom.

I look forward to sharing this exciting curriculum with all those who are interested in a bold new approach to public education.

Carlos Aceves

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