Indigenous Cultures Institute invites you to apply for a vendor’s booth at its 2017 Sacred Springs Powwow.  We are limiting the spaces to 50 (which includes food booths) plus 10 nonprofit booths.

This year we're expanding to a two-day weekend powwow, October 14 - 15, 2017

SPECIAL THIS YEAR: This year we will have the entire powwow including vendors on the golf course area adjacent to the grounds where we were last year. There is lots more room and all the vendors will be located around the Arena Tent.

2017 Vendor Application Form

The deadline for submitting an application is September 1st. For a copy of the 2017 application, HERE.

Directions to Powwow

Please see the map link HERE for driving directions and how to find the park ENTRANCE.

Once you arrive at the site, drive into the ENTRANCE and follow the road to the left. You will be directed past the parking lot and buildings on your right, into the turnaround driveway. The vendor coordinator will check you in, provide you with your Vendor Packet and give you instructions. For questions, please call us at 512-393-3310

Check-in Times and Parking for Vendors

We will designate some vendors who can set up on Friday afternoon. Please call us at 512-393-3310 if you would like this option. The remaining vendors will check-in at 6:00 AM.

You will be asked to park your vehicle in the festival parking lot and you will be called on a first-come, first-served basis to unload your vehicle and carry your merchandise to your booth space. We will provide volunteers and golf carts to assist you with unloading.

For a site map showing the location of your booth, please check back with us.

2017 Accepted Applications:


Accents West - Handwoven Zapotec indigenous rugs of 100% wool from Oaxaca. Hand dyed/woven, and authentic.

Alicia's Originals - Alicia brings her beautiful indigenous jewelry creations to the powwow - silver and combination of materials.

Artesanias de Plata
- Beautiful silver creations from Mexico City indigenous artisans.

Arte-Sanias de México - Janet Bravo brings hand made pillow slips, wooden toys, paper mache figures, jewelry and more from Mexican indigenous artists.

Authentic Arts & Crafts - Edd & Eleanora Jim (Navajo) bring their work all the way from New Mexico. Sand paintings, jewelry, and other items.

B&E - Navajo horse hair pottery, jewelry, artifacts, shawls.

Bella Diné Jewelry - Isabel Haskie (Diné) comes from Arizona with her authentic Native American jewelry.

Cloth and Glass Works - Floor clothes, tapestries, and indigenous-themed stained glass items.

Dineh Designs Apparel – T-shirts, hoodies, sweats, with indigenous designs.

Down South Trading - Wool blankets & jackets, Native jewelry, wood carvings.

Eyes That Shine From the Heart - Julia Nava (Apache) creates one-of-a-kind "eyes of god" art pieces.

Feathered Serpent Imports - Indigenous folk art, masks, sculptures, ceramics, paintings, incense.

Free Spirit Creations - Organic herbal products, authentic handwoven cotton fiber textiles and arts, dream catchers, pottery, and much more.

Isabel Haskie -- Beautiful Native American jewelry from Glendale Arizona.

Juan Martinez Gallery -- One of our most talented and prolific Native artists, from sculpture to small jewelry items and much in between.

Louie McAlpine Indian Traders - Osage trader from Oklahoma brings Pendleton blankets, Native beadwork and silverwork, and a variety of indigenous items.

Maldonado Jewelry Imports -- Hand made silver jewelry, beautiful and special Southwest designs.

Mexican Masterpieces – Julieta selects sophisticated patterns and colors, bringing indigenous handmade clothing, home décor items, textiles and more.

Mike Dreyer - Returns with his sought-after atlatls, tomahawks, knives, and vintage Native American jewelry.

Native American Marketplace - Huge array of beautiful beadwork. Largest collection in Texas.



Native Designs - Duane David brings back his beautiful Native jewelry and breastplates.

North Wind Legacy - Jannet Kizer (Choctaw) returns with her one-of-a-kind dream catchers and wall art, hand painted mugs and tees.

Off The Path Creations - Native American flutes, drums, leather work, shawls, jewelry.

Of the Earth Healing - Herbal tinctures, mesquite cookies. Texas based healer Marika Alvarado brings her healing knowledge to the powwow.

Painted Desert - Loretta Mike (Diné) brings her beautiful Native jewelry, beaded, gemstones and heishi silver.

Palestine Online Store - Indigenous handcrafted items from Palestine, solidarity and peace items, books, films, scarves, music.

Raven House Gallery - Beautiful artwork from a local indigenous gallery.

Real Outreach - Daniel Zarate (Alabama-Coushatta) brings his popular native toys, jewelry, pottery.

Red Tail Hawk Enterprises - Virgie Ravenhawk returns with her awe inspiring and renowned handmade artwork

See Art Run - Felt cactus gardens, sugar skulls, original artwork.

Shanito Blackhorse Designs – Hand painted pottery & jewelry, designed and made by Shanito (Navajo) herself.

Southwest Home Décor – Authentic Kachina dolls, handmade Southwest crafts, baskets, pottery, and sculptures.

The Journey Herbals & More - Choctaw/Cherokee Vicki Harraghy brings her herbs, scents, jewelry, prayer feathers and dreamcatchers.

Tracking Natives - Native shoes made by Colombian tribes and artisans. Very special discounts to powwow visitors, visit: trackingnatives.com

Underground Crystal Co. - Variety of hand made items, jewelry, turtle shell rattles, replica arrowhead knives, leather bags, pipes and more.

Waterbirds - Smudge sticks, smudge stands, medicine bags by local indigenous artist.

Whiterock - Navajo jeweler Lula Mae Whiterock comes all the way from Utah with her jewelry and pottery.

Zuni Plum Creations -- Maria Plum (Apache) is back from New Mexico with her incredible, unique pottery, dreamcatchers and more.





As Good As It Gets - Navajo frybread tacos from "Mom's Old Recipe."

ChunkDeuce BBQ - Native people invented barbeque. Taste this delicious treat.

Cindy's Foods - Indigenous gorditas, tacos, and corn dogs for the kids.

Eddie's Funnel Cake - Just for fun, funnel cakes, fried Oreos, fried Twinkies.

Flavorlicious - Shaved ice, fresh lemonade, water.

Frybread Grill -- Paula Elmore brings her frybread tacos back to San Marcos. Delicious. Also blue corn mush and mutton stew. Wow.

Joe's Kettle Korn - Kettle corn and fruit cups.

Just Smash'em Lemonade - Fresh squeezed lemonade/twisters, shakeups infused and shaken with fresh strawberry, blueberry, and/or pomegranate.

Krazy Kettle Korn - Corn, ancient food of Native ancestors.

Longhorn Frybread – Powwow circuit famous frybread tacos, frybread with honey, buffalo stew.

M & M Glass Coatings - Roasted corn, indigenous style.

Magdalena's -- Indigenous tamales from a local legend, served with chili con carne.



Powwow T-shirt Booth - Image contest in progress. Also selling Repatriation T-shirt.

Austin Community College - Outreach materials.

Central Texas Veterans Healthcare System - information for veterans.

Cherokee Township of San Antonio - information.

Chickasaw Community Council of Central Texas - Information on this tribal council.

Department of Veterans Affairs - information for veterans.

Great Promise for American Indians - Austin Powwow information.

Strong Hearts Native Helpline - Culturally appropriate support regarding domestic and dating violence.


OCTOBER 14-15, 2016
Saturday | 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sunday | 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Vendor Set-up: Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.
201 San Marcos Springs Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666

Credit Card Payment via PayPal

You can now pay your Vendor fee with your credit card.  Below is the "Buy Now" link that will take you to the PayPal online payment service that will accept your credit card.  If you do not have a Paypal account, you may still use this service. To begin:
1. Select the size of booth you want - Single/$175 or Double/$250, Food/$300.
2. Click the “Buy Now” button. This will take you to the secure PayPal website.
3. On the PayPal website click on "Don't have a PayPal account?" to pay with a credit card.

NOTE: We will charge a $3.50 fee for this credit card service.

Booth sizes & fees