Preserving the cultures of Native Americans indigenous to Texas and northern Mexico and maintaining our covenant with sacred sites.
The Indigenous Cultures Institute was founded in 2006 by members of the Miakan/Garza Band, one of the over two-hundred bands that resided in Texas and northeastern Mexico when the Spaniards first arrived. The 83rd Legislature recognized the Miakan-Garza Band as a Texas Indian tribe with “immeasurable contributions to the State of Texas”. Members of the Miakan-Garza Band still practice their traditional ceremonies and maintain long held family ties.


Miakan-Garza Band

Four generations of the Miakan-Garza Band, representing fifteen major families, attended the State recognition ceremony at the State Capitol on May 16, 2013.

Mario Garza, PhD

Dr. Mario Garza currently serves as board of elder’s chair and is the principal founder of the Institute. He is the Cultural Preservation Officer of the Miakan-Garza Band.  He earned a multi-disciplinary Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Social Science, with areas of concentration in Sociology, Political Science and Social Work. He has been active in graves protection and repatriation since 1991 participating in reburial ceremonies at the Comanche Cemetery in Fort Hood, Texas including two Coahuiltecan reburials. Dr. Garza served two tours of duty in Vietnam with the 1/616th Medical Clearing Company, 44th Medical Brigade, U. S. Army. He currently lives in San Marcos, Texas near the sacred springs that archeologists believe to be the oldest, continuously inhabited site in North America.

Board of Elders

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Gilbert Garza

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Staff Members

María F. Rocha
Executive Director

Bobbie Garza-Hernandez
Public Relations and Development Consultant to the Executive Director’s Office

Ruben Arellano, Ph.D.
History Consultant to the Executive Director

Isabel Mata
Assistant to the Executive Director

José Dominguez-Leal
Communications & Operations Director

Aaron Pyle, M.S.W.
Programs Manager

Mario Garza, Ph.D.
Language Program Director

Lydia CdeBaca, Ph.D.
Nakum Journal Managing Editor

Mario Alberto Ramirez
Performances Program Coordinator

Pablo Montes, M.A.
Youth Programs Director

Sacred Sites Programs Director

Esmeralda Perez
Volunteers Director

Marisa Diaz

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