Preserving the cultures of Native Americans indigenous to Texas and northern Mexico and maintaining our covenant with sacred sites.

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For centuries, the identities of the peoples native to the U.S. Southwest and Northern Mexico have been subject to legal, political, and social interpretations that serve colonial interests.  The mission of Nakum, the Coahuiltecan word meaning “we speak” or “I speak to you,” is to offer a public forum through which scholars of  Native and Chicana/o studies can do precisely what the title suggests: speak from their own perspectives.

In keeping with the general mission of the Indigenous Cultures Institute, this journal offers a space for the continued exploration of Hispanics’ indigenous identities.  The journal thus brings together many of the conversations that the Institute has cultivated and, through its online presence, makes them available to a vast and growing audience of scholars, journalists, creative writers, and students with an abiding interest in hearing the voices of those who contribute to those discussions.

Editorial Board

Lydia CdeBaca, Ph.D.
 Managing Editor

Mario Garza, Ph.D.
  Indigenous Cultures Institute, Board of Elders

Norma Cantú, Ph.D.
  University of Texas at San Antonio, Department of English

Shannon Speed, Ph.D.
  University of California at Los Angeles, American Indian Studies Center,
Gender Studies and Anthropology

Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez, Ph.D.
 University of Arizona, Mexican American Studies

Tammy Gonzales
Texas State University, Southwestern American Literature & Texas Books in Review

Call for Papers

Nakum is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary academic journal currently seeking articles in the social sciences and humanities. The editorial board invites submissions of scholarly, pedagogical, and theoretical manuscripts that promote the journal’s mission to enrich and develop scholarly conversation among Mexican, Mexican American, and Native communities across borders. In addition, we invite submissions of book/music/archive reviews, interviews, poetry, short fiction, and visual art. All submissions should follow Chicago Manual of Style author-date guidelines as outlined in the 15th edition.

We are currently accepting submissions for our fourth issue. Please send manuscripts electronically in Microsoft Word document format to Lydia CdeBaca at Lydia.CdeBaca at Click the “Call for Papers” link above for specific submission guidelines.