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Yana Wana's Legend of the Bluebonnet

B. Iden Payne Awards: Best Production and Best Director (Rudy Ramirez) in Theatre for Young Audiences

 Thank you to Jose Lozano and Magic Spoon Productions for this amazing video.

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Yana Wana’s Legend of the Bluebonnet is a pre-recorded video of a live play performance. This award winning play was originally commissioned by, and premiered at the Dallas Children’s Theater in 2018.  In 2019 it was produced and recorded by Indigenous Cultures Institute and Teatro Vivo, assuring cultural authenticity with an all-Indigenous cast, designers, and crew, and with Miakan-Garza tribe consultation. Written by Miakan-Garza tribal member Maria Rocha and published-playwright Roxanne Schroeder-Arce and with five original songs in the Coahuiltecan language composed by Hector Martinez Morales, the play features Indigenous dances, shares ancient traditions, and presents an alternative, Native-origin story about the first bluebonnets in Texas.

PACKAGE: The performance package includes the 50-minute videotaped play, a 30-minute, live or recorded talk back with selected actors, playwrights, and director, and a professionally prepared teacher’s guide for pre- and post-performance classroom activities.

BOOKINGS: Online performances may be booked for schools and theaters beginning FEB 1st.  CONTACT US for bookings and more information.

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STORY: Thirteen-year-old María is having trouble in school, so her mom sends her to stay with her Coahuiltecan grandmother in distant Laredo for discipline and perspective.  There, María is told an ancient story of young Yana Wana who followed a revered deer to find water to save her people. Yana Wana’s story exposes​ an amazing and unknown ancestral connection to the bluebonnet that gives María a renewed sense of self and family pride.  You may have read one version in school; now we invite you to come see the legend through the eyes of Yana Wana in this online tour premiere.  A beautiful, original play that illustrates the power of heritage and the value of one’s own story – especially one as ancient as the petroglyphs of Texas.

Yana Wana’s Legend of the Bluebonnet

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