The Indigenous Cultures Institute has hosted our annual youth program, the Indigenous Arts Summer Encounter for over 10 years. This year we need your help in ensuring that the week-long Indigenous led ceremonial experience for youth continues, so that they may carry on their Indigenous identity through the vibrant legacy of traditional arts. Each year we fundraise to buy the necessary art supplies, healthy snacks for the youth, & stipends for the Indigenous instructors. Unfortunately, our budget was cut drastically due to Covid-19, and we are reaching out to our community to help make sure this year’s virtual encounter is made possible.


Join the Indigenous Cultures Institute and the Native Americans Indigenous to Texas and Northern Mexico in their struggle to teach and reconnect our children to their Native culture, reclaim their ancestors, honor their sacred sites and traditions, and re-establish their ancestral legacy for the next 7 generations and beyond.

100% of your tax-deductible donations helps the Indigenous Cultures Institute sustain initiatives such as our annual Indigenous Arts Youth Summer Encounter, Coahuiltecan language revival, the Sacred Springs Pow Wow, preserving sacred sites such as the sacred springs of Central Texas, reburying our ancestral remains being held in institutional warehouses, supporting staff members and more. Be a part of this opportunity to create positive change in supporting the original caretakers of these lands.

Your donation is tax deductible under Internal Revenue Service Tax Code Section 501(c)(3).  The Indigenous Cultures Institute’s employer identification number (EIN) is 20-5429900. To mail a check or cash donation to ICI, please send your donation to:

Indigenous Cultures Institute
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