Preserving the cultures of Native Americans indigenous to Texas and northern Mexico and maintaining our covenant with sacred sites.

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Mitotiliztli Yaoyollohtli


Mitotiliztli Yaoyollohtli Aztec dance company is a family of danzantes plus relatives in the Dallas area who present full scale performances as well as workshops and school presentations. With authentic and stunning regalia, they dance with ceremonial dedication to this traditional art form and deliver a stunning and energetic performance. Working with youth and children, the group engages audiences by bringing them into the dance circle and teaching them danza steps. This amazing group will thrill your audiences and convey a deep sense of cultural understanding.

Our Story

Our family is dedicated to the natural way of Indigenous culture. I raised my children to have respect for our ways and to carry this tradition forward to their own families. We respect our ancestors and elders, put community first, believe that we are all related, so relationships are sacred, and we are committed to bringing balance to Mother Earth.

Danza is a prayer to us, and we practice our danza like a ceremony, with specific steps that have meaning and purpose. Different dances are dedicated to specific natural ways, like the eagle dance, the rabbit dance, and the deer dance. To begin our dances, we salute the four directions and the upward and downward. Then we ask permission from the elements of fire, water, air, and earth. Everything in our dance is sacred.

We share our dance tradition with the public so that they can experience our ways and feel the connection that we all share. Everyone is indigenous to someplace on Mother Earth. We are all related.

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